• What is SENS?
    SENS or SEC Express Nationwide Submission System, is a non-appearance submission of SEC documents such as General Information Sheet and Audited Financial Statements as required by SEC annually
  • How can I avail of this service?
    Simply log on to secexpress.ph/sens and fill out the online application form. Bring the printed form together with the SEC document/s to any participating Air21 branch and pay the corresponding courier and processing fees.
  • How long will it take for the SEC to receive my submitted documents?
    Documents will be received by the SEC four (4) business days after submitting to any participating Air 21 branch.
  • How much will I pay if I avail of this service?
    The amount to be paid will vary depending on the area of preferred delivery address. The total amount will cover the processing fee and delivery fee of documents to the SEC and to client’s given delivery address.
  • Can I still go to SEC to submit my documents?
    Yes, you may still go to the SEC Head office or to any SEC Satellite Office to submit your documents.
  • Who will handle the delivery of my returned copy?
    Air21 will handle the delivery of the return copy.
  • What if I am not around during the delivery?
    You can authorize a representative to receive your return copy. The representative must present your authorization letter, valid ID (both original) and his/her valid ID as well.
  • How many copies of GIS and AFS will I submit?
    SEC requires four (4) copies of the GIS and/or AFS
  • Where can I check the status of my submitted document?
    You may log on to secexpress.ph/sens to check the status of you submitted documents.
  • How soon can I request for an authenticated copy of my submitted document?
    You can check the availability of submitted document/s at the Public Reference Unit through SEC Express System, 2 months after it was received by the SEC. This will be uploaded to the SEC’s I-View.
  • What if I failed to submit my documents on the required date of submission?
    You can still submit your documents anytime after the deadline (even of previous fiscal years) but corresponding penalties will already apply.